Brand Identity

Great Food. Great Community. Sustainable Living.

Munch! is a food and lifestyle blog run by Isabelle Taylor, with a strong following and a string of brand partnerships.

Recipes for all diets and skill levels and lifestyle tips and product reviews to help you lead a sustainable presence while eating well.

The Brief:

Re-Imagine “That Hungry Student” into a thriving, expandable brand that is inviting, creative and foodie, offering the same character with a more refined voice to sustain and enhance the companies current following and brand partnerships.

The Result:

A new name, a new logo, a website and marketing materials that consistently represent Munch! as a source for great food recipes, photography, lifestyle tips and sustainable product reviews utilising strong brand partnerships and supporting community.

The Services:
  • Brand Naming
  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Identity Design
  • Website Design

Line art illustrations by Emily Grace Hearn.


Brand Strategy –

Before we could begin developing the new brand, we had to define what made the original one work.

Defining the brand helps us form guidelines that we can cross-reference for all decisions both for future parts of the branding process and also for all future decisions the company makes.

By checking all our actions against this strategy we can quickly identify whether something will enhance the brand or deter from its message, whether it will benefit and capture the attention of our customers or whether it goes against their needs or wants.

An in-depth strategy meeting was held in-person where we explored and completed my brand strategy documents. The result was a clear goal for the brand, its position and it’s intended voice.

During the brand strategy meeting we outlined these CORE Attributes for the brand and formed a simple statement that would help us with the next essential stage.

Naming & Stylescapes –

That Hungry Student had to graduate into a more expandable, modern identity that could scale infinitely from being a small startup with a blog and a handful of partnerships to anything it wanted.

Whether it be a global company providing product reviews and branded kitchenware, or whether it turns into a chain of pop-up eatery’s and catering services.

It needed a new name and a new look. Lots of aspects go into naming a company, both creatively and legally. We discussed many options and did full trademark searches to determine any legal similarities or concerns for any of the names.

We identified 3 main names we decided to pursue into the visual stages.

During the earlier stages we had drafted 3 art directions for the visual style. These art directions usually follow a basic principle:

Direction 1 – The Safe Option:
This is the expected path, often with a quite traditional style. The design uses tested and common techniques and patterns. It mirrors industry styles while offering a completely bespoke branding design. 

Direction 2 – The Wild Card:
Maintaining brand identity while offering a much more inspired design that is otherwise outside the comfort zone of the company. This style is designed to be eye catching, use innovating branding and marketing management techniques and make the company stand above its competitors.

Direction 3 – The Middle Ground:
A mix of components from both above ideas to meet the company halfway in the land of modern and traditional.

These along with the brands strategy documents, informed the creation of the initial 3 stylescape concepts, 1 for each of the working brand names.

The stylescapes use a mix of branded concepts, mockups and existing material to form a concise image that describes a certain direction more in-depth.

What emerged was 3 very different but eye-catching identity concepts.

The Website –

Munch! needed a website that could host the recipes, lifestyle blog posts and a platform for companies to reach out and partner with the brand.

With a focus on it’s social media interactions and community, a lot of it’s audience are primarily mobile users. The website needed to be responsive to provide a consistent experience across all devices and also sport a content management system that would allow the people at Munch to craft their own blog posts, pages, recipes or new sections as their company scales.

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